I have worked with children and teenagers for over thirty years.

As a therapist, I do all I can to work individually, with the family system, and with the schools to help my patients to feel less depressed, less stressed so they can feel better and so they can learn the skills to succeed in life.

High school is a time in which teenagers experience higher levels of stress—emotionally, socially, and academically.

Very often, test performance anxiety, learning issues, and a need for extended time accommodations can be diagnosed with neuropsychological testing. Such results may provide necessary supports for the student as they prepare for the standardized ACT and SAT exams.

To further assist with standardized test preparation, over the past decade I have worked closely with one of the most seasoned and dedicated academic consultants in the Tri-State area. With over 25 years of academic/test consulting experience, Drew Moss balances both content and process—he not only teaches students important strategies to master the test material to navigate the exam with confidence, but, moreover, he imparts key skills that decrease test anxiety to allow students to fully show what they know without being hampered by exam stress.

On a personal note, Drew worked with my oldest child, who is now in college. Through Zoom calls, he worked conveniently and effectively with her to increase her ACT score significantly. More importantly, as a father, I appreciate how Drew helped my daughter to manage her test anxiety. As any family therapist will tell you, anything that reduces parent stress helps reduce anxiety in the child/teen. I can attest, firsthand, that Drew not only helped my daughter, but he helped my wife and me better navigate the college-bound process with our daughter by reducing our stress.

Any parent who has been through this knows how anxiety-producing the junior/senior years of high school can be. As a therapist, I am also extremely grateful that Drew has helped reduce the academic stress of my adolescent patients. I frequently receive unsolicited raving feedback about his services from the parents I refer to him.

If you are seeking a dedicated, personable, professional, experienced, and reliable academic consultant, I highly recommend Drew Moss. His contact information is listed below:

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