Psychological Testing

Psychological evaluations are performed to address many different types of questions and issues.

I conduct standardized IQ tests for children, teenagers and adults using the Wechsler scales of intelligence (WISC-5 for children, WAIS-IV for adults). Typically, I perform IQ testing as part of a comprehensive evaluation. However, I also conduct stand-alone IQ tests when school procedures require such scores for admission purposes. In addition to providing schools with scores, I meet with the parents of the children I test, as well as adult test-takers to provide feedback about strengths and weaknesses. It is important to me that results are meaningful and well understood.

Many young students, as well as college and graduate level students experience difficulties focusing, sustaining attention to academic material, and feel overwhelmed by the demands of school and/or work. When people feel chronically disorganized, easily sidetracked, mentally scattered, slow to get started on tasks, and procrastinate to the point that life becomes filled with anxiety, it may be time for an evaluation. Very often, individuals may be undiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed or "labeled" by physicians and mental health professionals who do not conduct a comprehensive evaluation that includes psychological testing of ability level, achievement, and emotional functioning. I conduct thorough evaluations that include computerized and neuropsychological tests of attention, memory and executive functioning (i.e., the ability to organize, sequence, plan and act) that provide additional valuable information about problems of attention and impulsivity.

There are many reasons why an individual might experience problems with attention, and a proper evaluation will be able to provide you with specific information about your diagnosis. I assess people who are interested in gaining comprehensive answers about their condition. In some cases, results from my evaluations can serve as the basis for providing an "Extended Time Accommodation" for standardized testing. In all cases, all of my written reports are tailored with recommendations that are specific to your needs. My recommendations are clear, meaningful and are geared towards helping you to understand areas in need of improvement, while helping you to maximize your abilities based on your strengths.


I conduct psychological evaluations that assess for intellectual abilities, learning styles, academic achievement, and personality factors. Students who struggle academically deserve to understand whether they may have an undiagnosed learning disorder. Results from such tests can assist parents, teachers, and students in better understanding the impact of these factors on student performance. My evaluations are comprehensive, and my written reports provide active, relevant and individualized recommendations that are geared towards maximizing students' strengths.


Committing to a new hire is an investment in a company’s time and money. Many job candidates can appear great on paper and, in some cases, even interview very well. However, once they are brought on board, employers may find that their new hires do not produce at the expected level. At worst, they may be let go, which results in a net loss for the company. At best, the company is left with a mediocre, underperforming or otherwise problematic employee—certainly not a gain.
For companies who want an extra edge over their competitors, I conduct tailored evaluations to provide employers crucial information about the intellectual aptitude of potential job candidates, as well as important personality factors that can assist employers in making informed decisions about who to hire and where they may best help the company. My written reports, when combined with pre-existing recruitment exercises, can help employers achieve the best “fit” for the job, which can increase productivity, improve the overall work culture, and raise employee/employer satisfaction down the line.
If you would like to talk more about how you can bring the best and the brightest candidates to your agency, give me a call at the number below.


I administer a wide range of psychological tests to address various mental health issues that pertain to specific legal questions. These include:

Criminal Matters

Fitness/Competency to Stand Trial
Mental Status of Time of Offense
Understanding/Appreciation of Miranda Rights
Impact of Substance Abuse on Legal Issues
Impact of Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities on Legal Issues
Impact of Severe Mental Illness on Legal Issues
Downward Departure / Mitigation Evaluations

Civil Matters

Personal Injury
Neuropsychological / Memory Problems
Disability / Worker's Compensation Evaluations

Child Custody

Parental Fitness
Custody Arrangements / Recommendations


I provide consultations to discuss a wide range of mental health issues and their impact on legal proceedings. Please note that, as a forensic psychologist, my role is to conduct a neutral, unbiased evaluation of the client and/or provide written/oral testimony that will address and clarify for you and for the court the specific psycho-legal issues as best I can.


I perform psychological evaluations for a wide variety of other purposes, including but not limited to the following:

Adoption Evaluations
NYC Department of Corrections Psychological Fitness Appeals Evaluations
Immigration Evaluations

If you are interested in an evaluation or would simply like more information about psychological testing, please contact me.

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