Team Building

Team Building

I have ten years of organizational/development experience that ranges from working with New York City public schools, New York City hospitals, as well as independent for-profit (e.g., hedge funds) and non-profit agencies in New York City.

I work with small, medium and large groups to assist in:
  • Getting to know one another at a more personal level. I offer retreats that help coworkers and team members get to know each other better. Improving relationships in the workplace leads to increased morale, which leads to better teamwork and increased productivity.
  • Refining communication styles and improving communication at the individual and group level to enhance teamwork, cooperation among teams/departments in an organization. Having a solid understanding of individual styles and group dynamics will improve the success of your organization. I specialize in finding the best fit for your organization by bringing team members together to solve their unique communication problems.
  • Enhancing creativity in the workplace. I offer fun and engaging team building exercises that are geared towards helping members maximize creative thinking and improve their problem-solving skills. Participants will identify their strengths and weaknesses. Teams with flexible and effective problem-solving skills are more efficient, productive, and satisfied.
  • Training in how to provide effective feedback to individuals/groups. At the managerial level, getting the most out of your people is a critical element of your job. Motivational issues, employee satisfaction, and ways of giving coworkers feedback are a focus of such retreats. Clear communication of expectations and measurement of progress are assessed. Feedback is given, and areas of improvement are identified.

Below are some examples of questions that are a major focus of my team building retreats. At the conclusion of your retreat, you can expect to have a better understanding of the following questions (and more):

“What kind of communicator am I?”

“How do others perceive me?”

“How do I give/receive feedback?”

“How do I function in a team context?”

“How do I solve problems?”

“What are my strengths/weaknesses in these areas?”

If you are interested in arranging a phone consultation to discuss the needs of your group or organization, please contact me.

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